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Skild deploys new features and enhancements

It’s time for our first major deployment of 2016! This deployment will feature some amazing new features and enhancements to current features, along with our usual system upgrades and bug fixes. We now deploy using our Zero Downtime model, so we do not expect any interruption in your service.

Skild deploys new features and system upgrades

We are excited to announce our third deployment of this year.  We've  made significant upgrades to our load and storage capabilities, as well as added or upgraded the following:

Skild launches OpenSkild™ to bring its contest management platform to any organization

Open Beta Program Makes Publicly Available the Same Customizable, Self-Service, Cloud-Based System Used in Contests hosted by AT&T, Autodesk, MTV, Nike, NASA, The National Science Foundation, and General Electric

Introducing SAM. Your New Personal Assistant!

We've just put the finishing touches on our newest feature that we're sure you're gonna love. Internally, we've given it the code name SAM which stands for Smart Assist Module. In the platform, the Dashboard (Play>>Dashboard) will now notify you of any issues concerning the set-up of your event. When you log in as an administrator, you may be prompted to fix current issues:

Skild's New "Multiple Submissions" Feature is LIVE!

In the past, if you were a participant in a competition that had multiple categories (or brackets, as we call them here at Skild), you had to register a new account with a different email address.  Each time.  Even if there were 38 brackets.  It wasn't fun.

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